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The Juiciest Guitar Strings Ever...

So I've always played Elixir guitar strings, pretty much for my acoustic or for my electrics. I just love the way they sounded. I tried some other brands over the years but always ended up returning to Elixir. Don't mess with what works right?

I was having my Les Paul worked on and basically repaired in a great shop called B & D Guitar Repair here in Phoenix. While having it repaired, I was also getting the guitar set up in D Standard Tuning (mainly because I love downtuning and the way it works with my vocals).

When I mentioned D Standard, my tech Billy recommended the D'Addario 11 gauge strings (optimized for D-tuning). This gets a little nerdy, but I had always gone with 12 gauge strings when downtuning based on the advice of another guitar tech. But once I tried these, there was no going back.

Especially if you are a player that loves downtuning to E♭ or D standard, you have to check these out! They are not an official sponsor of my page (yet...) but I am seriously considering switching all my guitar strings from Elixir to D'Addario. They play super fast and crisp, and have amazing tone.

When I got my guitar back from Billy my tech and started to shred some licks, I was in heaven. An old player can still learn new tricks.

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