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Guitar Lessons

Introduction to Guitar, Get Straight into Your Favorite Songs, Learning the Basics of the Instrument, Learning the Fretboard, Basic Guitar Technique, Tuning The Guitar, Chords, Reading Treble Clef, Reading Guitar Tabs, Reading Chord Charts, Triads, Chord Progressions, Major and Minor Scales, CAGED Method, Changing strings, Singing and Playing, Picking Techniques, Strumming Techniques, Articulation and Note Bending, Slides, Taps, Pull Offs, Right Vs. Left Handed Practice Techniques, Interval Training, Rhythm vs. Lead Playing, helping you to find your style, and more!

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Piano Lessons

Introduction to Piano, Getting Straight into Songs, Learning the Basics of the Instrument, Learning Treble Clef, Learning Bass Clef, Basic Piano Technique, Chords, Chord Progressions, Reading Chord Charts, Pedaling Technique, Major and Minor Scales, Trills, Learning the Chromatic Scale, Ear Training, Improvisation, Singing and Playing, Playing within a Major/Minor Key, Music Theory on how it all fits together, Circle of Fifths, Learning the Rules and when to Bend or Break the Rules, Rhythm vs. Lead Playing, Left Vs. Right Hand Practice Techniques, and more!

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Vocal Coaching

Introduction to Singing, Get into Singing Your Favorite Songs, Learning to Use Your Voice as an Instrument, Breath Training, Breathing Exercises, Holding Pitches, Dealing with Performance Anxiety, Major and Minor Scales, Intervals and Triads, Vocal Riffs and Runs, Understanding Vocal Registers, Switching Registers, Melody vs. Harmony, Pronunciation and Diction, Learning about your Diaphragm, Larynx and Vocal Folds, Vocal Health and singing for longevity, Vocal Fry, Vocal Massage Techniques, Guided Vocal Exercises, Vocal Performance critiques, and above all helping you to develop your unique singing voice!

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Music Theory & Songwriting

Professional help with the really fun stuff!  Have all your questions answered on Music Theory and Comprehension, Music Performance, Song Writing, Reading Sheet Music and Tablature, Understanding Intervals, Melody Vs. Accompaniment, Scales, Chords, Progressions, Major and Minor Keys, Improvisation, Musical Interpretation and Emotion, Music Arrangement and Layering for Recording, Introduction to Sound Engineering, Adopting Musical Styles such as Jazz, Country, Metal, Rock, Blues, and More!

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I do my best to have flexible options to fit any budget.  Mastery of music takes time and discipline so I like to offer options that will help music fit into your life, and keep you coming back for years to come.

Your first consultation is free to make sure working together is the perfect fit!

 512 - 653 - 0491

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