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V I R T U A L 
M U S I C  C O A C H 

Finally Love Your Playing


Request a free consultation to see how The Virtual Music Coach can help reach your goals.

Learn Guitar, Piano or Vocals from the comfort of your own home.  A modern twist on a traditional music lesson.


One-On-One Lessons get results.  You will see an increase in guitar playing skill and knowledge each month you commit to lessons with me. 


YouTube and Tutorial Videos DON'T WORK because they are OUT OF ORDER & you DON'T KNOW if you're making mistakes


Piano, Guitar and Vocals are some of the hardest musical disciplines in the world.  It is my true belief that the only way to true mastery is through private lessons like these.


I have a unique ability to give my students "eureka moments" in music, and it is my goal to help you achieve one each lesson.  


Scheduling is EASY!  All Lessons are taught 100% Online and my students absolutely love it!


Have your personal questions answered, and learn the songs you WANT to learn. 


Studying music strengthens cognitive skills, auditory and visual memory, intellect, reaction time, creativity, and has also been found to be very enjoyable


And the ability to play music may even make you more attractive (results may vary)


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Welcome Young Grasshoppers

My name is Nick Aldieri

and  I have the musical

answers you seek.  



I've been playing guitar, piano, and singing, and songwriting for over 25 years and I work with students and artists all over the country...artists        just like you!


I'd love to talk more with you and find out if working together is the right fit.  

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