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New Single "Getting Off Grid" Streaming Now!

Getting Off Grid Single Cover by Nick Aldieri

Check out my latest original release called "Getting Off Grid", available now for streaming and download on all major platforms (links below).

Getting Off Grid - Nick Aldieri

Also available on Pandora, iHeartRadio, Napster, or anywhere else you get your music.

Please add this song to your favorite playlists as it really helps me out with the algorithms and getting my music to more new listeners!

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I feel I'm really coming into my own as a solo artist with this track. I really hope you enjoy it, and it helps you feel a little disconnected from all this technology for a while. I do love technology, and while I see it as a tool for mankind, I feel the tool is about to replace the master in some ways.

We need to keep our connection to nature, each other and the social structures that have helped us reach this level of civilization. The world grows colder and stranger than ever before...

Enough soap boxing, back to the rock!

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