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What's The Best Guitar For a Beginner?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Getting into guitar for the very first time is so exciting, but can also be so overwhelming. Guitar players want to know what is the best guitar to get in the beginning, and there are a ton of different fantastical options to consider, and not just the color. The feel, the shape, the number of strings, on and on.

When you're first considering putting fingers to fretboard, I recommend starting with an electric over an acoustic. Don't get me wrong, I love the acoustic guitar and have played it for many years. The instruments are very similar in many ways, but it's a little harder to have fun with an acoustic guitar in the beginning without guidance while you are building up your calluses. It requires much more elbow grease and hand strength. Think about it...the acoustic is basically wire strings across a wooden fretboard, and you are making all the sound come out manually.

The electric guitar is easier on the fingers, and the notes sustain longer with less pressure. They are also great for kids because they have the option of Headphones. Trust me on this one, as a guitar player who fell in love with practicing at all hours of the day...being able to practice into headphones become a really nice option. Not to mention all the other gear that can expand the electric guitar such as amps and effects pedals.

For electric guitars and acoustic guitars alike, there is a huge price range to choose from. Don't break the bank in the beginning unless you know for sure you are really going to stick with it. You can get a really nice guitar for around $300 that will last for years and get you through the beginning phase.

The Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster HT is a really good choice and is still really affordable at $350. I love kits like this for new guitar players because you get everything you need with all the accessories.

If you're on a budget, than I highly recommend the Donner DST-100S. This one still has all the accessories and is around half the price of the Fender Model. Click here to see it on Amazon.

If you have your heart set on an acoustic model, then this Fender Squier Dreadnaught Sunburst Acoustic Guitar is a perfect starter pack. For those who don't know, Squier offers budget versions of Fender guitars. Squier was acquired by Fender in 1965 and started producing cheaper Strats, Teles and more in the 80s. This one is under $200, which is a really good price before going up to the next level of acoustic guitars like Fender, Martin, or Taylor brands. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Once you get the guitar, there are several aspects to consider to guarantee this guitar is the one for you. Make sure the guitar is the right size for you, and that it feels comfortable while you're holding it. Check the "intonation" which means that the 12th fret of a string should have a tone exactly one octave higher than the open string. Check the fretboard for "dead frets" or "dead notes" that aren't ringing out. Ask a guitar shop pro if you have any questions, or drop me a line at and I'm happy to help too.

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