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The 5 Guitars I'm Drooling Over In 2022

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Any guitarist knows that one of the great joys of being a guitar player is getting a brand spanking new axe! So many choices on brand, body style, customization, on and on. These 5 guitars are on the top of my wishlist right now.

5) Ovation CE44-5 Acoustic-Electric-Let's start the list with a classically unique guitar. Ovation guitars have a very signature sound because of their multiple sound holes and body shape, and for that reason should eventually be a part of every guitar players collection. I've fallen in love with the sound of Ovation guitars playing them in shops for years. This model has a really cool flared out head stock style that I haven't seen before, and a beautiful black finish. The acoustic-electric aspect makes it more versatile when plugged into an amp, and you definitely won't hear another guitar that sounds just like it.

4) Martin 00015M Streetmaster Acoustic-This beautiful finished guitar is designed for street musicians who gig often. A Martin is a great addition to any player's collection. It's eye-catching, lightweight, and the Martin brand is synonymous with quality. For the extra money you spend on this guitar, you can be sure it is hand made, has amazing tone, and easy playability.

3) Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric -For guitarists familiar with Schecter, they have been one of the top brands in guitars for over a decade. They are beautiful, very high quality, and super affordable. I really love this one for the Black Cherry Finish, but also for the aspect of the additional 7th string. Metal guitarists and sometimes rock guitar players will play with the extra 7th string (usually tuned to a "B") for added bass, or sometimes to play with no bassist at all. And the double cutaway action and 24 frets makes lead playing a breeze for higher notes. Schecter guitars are also available in 6 string format, but the 7th string gives this one extra drool factor for me.

2) Fender Player Telecaster Electric- The Telecasters have always been a favorite of mine because of the smoothness they bring to any sound. Whether your playing with clean, fuzz or even crunch preamps they produce an unbelievably clear tone. I have one in cream and white but I am seriously considering the buttercream edition for the unique look. This Telecaster is a bargain at under $1000, and is available for either right handed or left handed players.

1) Taylor T5z Classic Mahogany Top 12 String Acoustic-And topping the list at number one, this Taylor T5Z model has a look similar to an "Ovation" guitar with the small sound holes. It has a beautiful Mahogany finish, and a hidden bridge pickup helps to give the instrument its signature look. This is the 12 string edition, which for those who don't know is similar to a 6 string, but each pitch is doubled with an octave higher counterpart, which makes for really full, rich, beautiful tone. Plus you'll never get "Hotel California" to sound right without one.

My best advice for choosing any guitar is to make sure the weight and the feel are right for you. There are a lot of aspects to check for when picking a guitar, but many of them can be changed when giving the guitar its "Setup" (changing the strings, humbuckers, action, etc.).

If you have questions on guitars or guitar playing in general, drop me a line at and I'm happy to help.

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