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Student Spotlight: Check out Compadre!

Updated: May 2, 2022

Rowdy rocker Steve Franklin studied vocals, songwriting and music theory with me for about 6 months, and I'm so proud of what they have accomplished so far with their Rock trio Compadre! I seriously dig the music, and they have been touring across the pond over in Germany. It's only a matter of time before America finds out about these 3. Full Bio Below.

"Fuzz, sunshine and desert sand. Those are the three first associations I receive from listening to Compadre's EP "Pipe Dreams". The trio from Nuremberg play music for sunburnt travellers and hopeful dreamers - a fuzz-laden combination of Blues Rock and Americana... Each song creates a great and burning hot atmosphere. "Pipe Dreams" should be in your playlist for driving and travelling. You will not regret it.” - MangoWave Reviews Compadre’s story began in early 2019 with a fate encounter in Nuremberg, Germany: Roy Williamson, a Scottish guitarist and vocalist sold a guitar stand to Steven Franklin, an American bassist, and they decided to jam together. They later met Sassan von Papp, a German/Iranian drummer, got in the studio, started playing and didn’t stop...

The Compadres have been working on new material during the forced pause on live music due to the pandemic, but return in summer 2021 with their new single “West Side Love”. This coincides with live music’s gradual return, with a number of gigs in their local Bavarian home base - culminating in a first appearance at Nürnberg Pop in October. With work ongoing on their debut LP, stay tuned for more releases and live shows, both digital and physical, in future…"

Here is the band playing live!!! CHECK IT OUT!

Rock on guys! If you come to Arizona, I'll be the first one to get tickets!

Links to all Compadre's music::






Nick Aldieri

The Coach

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