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Nick Aldieri's Cover Corner - "Japanese Denim" by Daniel Caesar

Hey crazy critters,

I'm back at it again. Check out my latest release! I've recently started a YouTube Channel and will be posting unique cover songs and lessons to the channel each week! I have to be honest...this one is better than the previous videos. This week is a cover of Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar.

My channel is all about sharing the joy of music with you, by covering some of the most popular songs out there, from classic tunes to today's hits. I want to teach my students the important key aspects of my style, but also how to find their own.

By subscribing to my channel, you'll never miss out on the latest videos, covers, and lessons. You'll also be helping us grow and reach more music lovers out there. So, hit that subscribe button and join our community today!

I'd be honored if you'd subscribe to the channel, and give this video a thumbs up!

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