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Introducing -Riff Central-

What's up rowdy rockers and metalheads?

I'm excited to announce I've started a series of shorts called Riff Central, and I'll be introducing new episodes each week where I play my favorite riffs of all time and take your requests!

Check out a few of the first episodes below. If you haven't taken the time to subscribe to me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter (the name X can eat it) , I would be honored if you found it in your heart to do so. And share with a friend!

Nick Aldieri plays "Thunderstruck" riff on guitar.
Nick Aldieri plays "Iron Man" riff on guitar.

Nick Aldieri plays "No Excuses" riff on guitar.


By subscribing to my channel, you'll never miss out on the latest videos, covers, and lessons. You'll also be helping us grow and reach more music lovers out there. So, hit that subscribe button and join our community today!

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I'd be honored if you'd subscribe to the channel, and give these videos a thumbs up!

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