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Coming Back to Music After a Long Break

Updated: May 2, 2022

I feel it was fitting to write this article now, as it's been a long time since my last post. I've been struggling lately with writer's block...and I wasn't sure why. There is plenty to write about, and so much trouble in the world, which of course makes for great songs. I deduced my dilemma wasn't simply a lack of page turning lyrical content, it was something much deeper.

Our lives have changed, our dreams have changed. COVID-19 has changed our world forever. Here we all are in 2021, a world uncertain. All wondering if it's safe to interact, the vast majority of us are fearing for our neighbors and loved ones as much, if not more, than we fear for ourselves. All reacting together as one to try and rid the world of this invisible menace. All wondering, now that we're here...what's next?

Like many of you, I have been uncertain on how to live my life these last months. What world do we prepare for? When will the world restart? How do we begin to face the challenges ahead? And the big one I asked myself you still want the same things beginning 2021 that you wanted in 2020? Do you still have the same thoughts, desires, and points of view?

This is why I struggled to write music, or anything at all for the last several months.

We are coming into a new phase of humanity. As always, the new world is scarier, and also more exciting, than the old world. Technology, and automation shapes our world in ways thought unimaginable even just one generation ago. If we're not careful on how we choose to proceed, we might lose our humanity forever.

As an American, and a human being, I believe in freedom of personal choice. And we must choose one another. The idea of love and unity cannot simply be platitudes of a classic ballad sung at a concert, they must be felt with every fiber of your being.

The consequences are most dire, my friends. If we can't come together and love one another, then I promise this. The new world can get far darker and more lonely than the old world. It's the simple things in life that save us, and remind us of our humanity. It's the things we have in common, AS WELL AS OUR DIFFERENCES, that make this world so amazing. I'm reminded by what Roger Waters, a great personal hero of mine, once said.

Friends, Family, Community. You aren't how much money you have in the bank.