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Are You Still Breathing? Harness The POWER.

Updated: May 2, 2022

Few things have changed my life more than learning one simple breathe on purpose. Ironically, there are certain things we as humans aren't taught in school that are vital to living a happy and healthy life. Learning how to sleep, how to eat, or how to breathe. It may sound silly or even rather childish, but I would argue that MOST people are not breathing to their fullest potential.

Wim Hof is of course the ultimate teacher of these concepts. When I was first getting into the art and science of Vocal Coaching, I learned of Wim Hof's methods for the first time. Which is remarkable because none of my music teachers in school had EVER mentioned his name. He is also known as the "Ice Man" because of his ability to withstand insane temperatures, and let's face it, the man is basically super human at this point.

For those of you learning about Wim Hof for the first time, he has lots of great videos but this one will give you the idea. The most important thing is to breathe purposefully, completely filling your lungs and completely emptying them, and holding at length to achieve the desired effect.

Not only has this style of breathing as an exercise DRASTICALLY improved my singing both in terms of range and how long I can hold notes, it also affects me emotionally in a huge way. I dare tell you that simply breathing intentionally will give you an incredible feeling of euphoria, NO DRUGS NECESSARY HERE KIDS! You truly are getting high on your own supply.

Most of us walk around feeling lousy, and tired, and depressed. Yes I've been there myself, that is indeed how I know. This world is an insane place at times, and it is amazing how just stopping to remind yourself to breathe for 10 minutes daily can change everything.

Of course it's great to do for any musician that sings or plays a wind instrument, but since it is a mood booster and reduces anxiety, it also has HUGELY positive effects on your performance of other instruments like guitar or piano. Think about it...NO MORE STAGE FRIGHT! Sing longer and louder, play better, feel better. It's sort of the ultimate win-win-win.

There are a million reasons to do this everyday, but I suggest you watch the video as Wim Hof explains it better himself. Discipline is the key to life and music, the hardest part is forming the habit. SO START RIGHT NOW!


Nick Aldieri

The Coach

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Unknown member
Apr 22, 2021

Thanks Nick. I've been practicing various breathing techniques for some time now and really like this one. I will check out his other videos as well.


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