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Get Nick's Offer for 1 Month of Private Lessons for $189.95




is The Ultimate All-In-One Toolkit & Community for Growing Your Music Skills!


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If you're getting charts, sheet music, expert coaching, practice secrets, courses, diagrams & more...


Why is it ONLY $29.95 for an entire month?



I'm just tired of seeing people get ripped off.


I see so many "master classes" charge THOUSANDS for absolutely terrible courses.

And give out advice that'll do nothing but burn a hole in your pocket.


My goal with VIRTUAL MUSIC COACH is to raise the bar.


Come in.


Disrupt everything.


Offer more value than literally anyone else in the game.


And do it for a fraction of the price.


Call me cocky - but I think the advice, techniques, diagrams, and help you'll get in these lessons...


... will be more valuable than ANY $1,000 course out there.


And I'm going to let you try it all for as little as $29.95 for the first month. 


Just to prove that you DON'T need to charge thousands.


Now, I know...

$29.95 is still money... and no one likes giving money away!

But once you see how much easier piano can be with my help...


And how much practice time you will save with the secrets I'll give to you...


I think you'll agree it's really a small price to pay.


So whether you're making a hundred bucks a month.


Or a hundred thousand.


I think that if you put the work in, and let me help you... 


...your small investment will easily pay for itself.


By now you've seen how much value you're getting for such a small price.


But if you're STILL hesitant.


Then let me push you all the way over the edge.


Because on top of giving you personal help, critiques, diagrams, tabs, sheet music, video courses and more for as little as $29.95/mo...

If you try my lessons and aren't 100% SATISFIED... I'll give you every penny back!

Look, I truly think this is something that can completely transform your piano ability, musical knowledge and life... forever!


But I also know that scams are a dime a dozen these days.


And plenty of people make big promises that they never deliver on.


Which is why you can try VIRTUAL MUSIC COACH today...


Test out everything inside as long as you want.


Go through all of the trainings and guides I'm giving you.


And of course you'll be getting personal help from me.


And if you like what you see, then perfect!


But if not, no worries!


Just send me an email and I'll refund your entire investment.


No questions asked.


This means there's absolutely no risk to you.


And if you're even a little curious about VIRTUAL MUSIC COACH... 


You might as well give it a try to see if this could really help you become a better piano player.


That way you'll know that you didn't leave any stone unturned.


And that you've truly tried everything to learn the guitar the best way possible.


So give it a try. There's no risk to you. And you can get started right now:

At this point nothing I say will convince you... you have to decide

The choice is yours...


Option A is to do nothing...


Forget you ever read this.


Go on with your life as normal.


Continue to wonder how to really grow your musical ability.


Or how to practice.


Or how to know you're not wasting your time.


Continue playing the guessing game many choose to play... but with no end in sight.


You can still get better at piano.


People do it.


It's just a lot harder and takes longer.


Or you can choose Option B...


The easier way.


Take a chance on VIRTUAL MUSIC COACH.


And use it to finally bring a method to the madness of your piano practice.


Steal my greatest secrets.


Don't waste another second trying to do this on your own.


Finally use the tactics, strategies and lessons that WORK.


Make your life as a musician way easier.



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