Welcome Young Grasshoppers

My name is Nick and I have the musical answers you seek.  


    I have been playing music for over 25 years, and I work with students of ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS on an individual basis or in small groups.  Music is a skill built through discipline, and I help my students to navigate this challenging world at their own pace.

Musical History
Austin Music Studio


In 2017, I decided to leave the finance industry for good.  I started Austin Music Studio to offer a new twist on a traditional music lesson.  My favorite thing is seeing one of my students have a "eureka moment".  I try to offer that experience in every lesson I teach, and it's amazing to be able to offer that same experience to the world with Virtual Music Coach.  

Infinite Echoes



Infinite Echoes was a 2 piece psychedelic rock  duo made up of Trevor Charnquist on drums and backing vocals and yours truly on guitar and lead vocals.  Bass players would come and go and we just decided to go for it as a 2 piece.  Fans could never believe there was only 2 of us, our sound was BIG and BOLD.  Really proud of these songs.  We had a good musical chemistry, for example the song "Ocean" was written in an hour.  Our album and our singles was recorded at the The Recording Conservatory of Austin.   

singersongwriter 2.jpeg

I've been writing songs and arranging music for a long time, but finally decided to perform solo in 2012 when I moved to Austin, TX.  I spent many many hours playing and singing in my room, and I really enjoyed putting my skills to the test, of playing rhythm and lead for myself live, and filling in those gaps.  I know what it takes to be a one man band.  I have written many original songs, and I can teach you to do the same!

Singer / Song Writer


Broken Crown



Broken Crown was an award winning band composed of my best friends. Nathan Foutch on lead vocals, Ryan Matcha on drums, Kyle Buffinton on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and Jeffrey Dennis on bass guitar.  I sang backing vocals and played lead guitar. The sound is a mix between Alice in Chains and Metallica, but I think we created something really unique and special.  Both our albums, 'element6' and 'Great Paranoid' were mixed at the infamous Warehouse Productions, just an absolutely incredible studio. The music still blows my mind.  


Nick Aldieri.jpeg

I started with private piano lessons under Dana Andreasen at age 6, and my passion only grew from there.  Around age 13, I picked up guitar and started writing my own songs and arrangements.  I have written nearly 100 songs for various projects, and I know countless more.  I am a co-founder of Award Winning Hard Rock Group "Broken Crown" in 2007 and Psych Rock Band "Infinite Echoes" in 2014.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2011, where I majored in Business and Music and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I have performed live hundreds of times as a part of recitals, jazz ensembles, rock bands, and as a solo artist/singer-songwriter. I teach music theory, performance, songwriting, composition, and can teach you a variety of different styles of playing.


Throughout my music career, I have taught music with various teaching styles, making me the prime choice for learning how to play music.  Since I play multiple instruments I have different lenses through which I understand and teach music, and I have different methods I use to customize the lessons around you.

There are a lot of great musicians in the world, but I can teach you the fundamentals and tricks to help you on your way to being one of them.  Since COVID-19, I now teach all my lessons online using Zoom, so you can learn from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Teaching lessons online has been a huge success thus far, and I am now proud to teach students all over the world!

Check out samples of my playing if you like.  You can find them by clicking the social media links at the side of the page.  I teach songwriting as a part of my lesson plan if that's something you're interested in. The song "Ocean" is one of my most recent.


I am a very patient instructor, and I work at your pace. I live my life by a calendar so I never miss a lesson, and so you always know what you need to be practicing.  The lessons look a little different each week to keep you focused and to unlock your passion.  Let's dive right in! ​